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Monday, October 24, 2011

Strangers In The City

With hustle and bustle the city roars! Sounds ring from every corner! People everywhere, each one their own story, their own belief, their own routines, their own habits, their own pain and sorrows- each busy in their own mind! Daily we walk by many people, some who's paths we may never cross again. But who are these strangers that pass us by? Why should we care about them? Why bother to smile or say hello? They are strangers after all! But then you are a stranger to them as well, why should they care about you? If each of us keeps this way of thinking our world will get colder and colder! I'm not suggesting to run up to everyone and scream hello, but we must pay more attention to those around us. Be aware, courteous and kind! You are sharing the planet. You see the rainbow in the picture above? See how it is beautifully passing over the city? This rainbow is for everyone to gaze at and admire. A beautiful reminder that everything in this universe is for each and everyone of us, not just for you!

Here is a little true story I want to share with you:
One beautiful sunny afternoon I stopped at a convenience store not too far from my house. It has 6 parking spots facing the entrance door, 3 on either side. As I pulled in, I saw that 3 parking spots on one side were all taken and on the other side there was one car parked at a very bad angle taking up all 3 parking spots! Engine on, windows down, music blazing and no one in it?! What genius driver would park this way? I parked my car on the street, made my way to the front door and as soon as I entered I could tell right away whom the car belonged to. His energy was screaming, "Me! Me! Me!" As he was paying his goods at the checkout counter, I approached him. Once he finished paying and was ready to head out I stopped him. "Excuse me sir. Is that your Audi out front?" With a huge smile on his face and his big ego crawling all around me, he answered with an affirmative, "Yes!" I could tell he thought I was impressed. -Now don't get me wrong, I love cars, especially nice cars and my dad had an Audi, great car, great drive! - I replied dryly, "nice parking buddy." Suddenly his expression changed, his ego came crashing down and his gaze got stern, "I only had to come in for 2 seconds!" Then I said, "so did I-but because of your car I couldn't park in one of the spots." He snapped at me, " ____ you! I was only here for a second!" I smiled and said, "next time just remember there are other people who need to do the same things you need to do, so be more considerate." He stormed out. The lady behind the checkout counter was smiling ear to ear, she gave me a high five and said I did well in telling him. 
This is an excellent example of someone being too wrapped up in their own world to notice that they are being inconsiderate of others so please people remain aware, courteous and kind!

Hopefully he will think twice the next time he wants to park like genius.

Do your best to walk on the planet aware that you are not the only one on it! Acknowledge the people around you and if there is something to be said to someone, try to say it assertively but as kindly as you possibly can.

Remember we are all sharing the planet!

Luv and Light,

* Photo provided by Tracie Pippenger,