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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stress Less, Live More!

A few years ago I lost my business to a fire. Devastated and overwhelmed I tried to deal with everything that comes with this kind of a situation. Too busy to deal with the millions of thoughts that were running through my head and too busy to clear up my mangled emotions, my body took over. I was officially burnt out, physically ill and of course depressed. Only it was happening all too fast and I didn't have the strength to stop the crazy flow from happening. I hid away from the endless phone calls, emails and encounters. Lucky for me my business was run by myself and my two sisters so they took a lot off my plate and I was able to break down in the comfort of my home.
I could see the concern in my husband's eyes when he'd come home from work to find me still in my robe, not having really moved from the spot he last saw me in. He would try to help and talk to me but I didn't want to talk about it. I was in mourning. I had lost my identity. After 8 years this is what I knew. This is who I was. Now that it was taken away from me, well I felt completely lost. It took me some time but soon I gained the strength to pick myself up again and not cringe inside when someone would ask, "Oh we heard about the fire! What happened?"
I started to write my feelings down, I went back to my meditations, I buried myself in books, I started to talk about how I felt with my hubby, and finally, got back to my physical activities. The sun was shining again! I finally got over my mental, emotional and physical aliments! I was back! Yay! It felt so good to be back!
With the acceptance that the fire happened for a reason and understanding that a job does NOT define who we are, I was now able to move forward joyously, peacefully, happily!
That cold late night standing outside my store front, starring at all the shattered glass and damaged goods trying to take in everything that my eyes were seeing-there stood a book, fully in tact, totally untouched by the fire; it read: Stress Less, Live more!
I knew then when I saw it, that it meant something but with all my emotions racing that night, I simply acknowledged it and set it aside in my mind. Today I truly understand this message! I was super stressed! I was working myself to the bone! I was overwhelmed! But I was in a flow. A flow I was so used to, I wouldn't even think twice about living another way.
I learnt plenty with this experience but the most valuable one: learning that the universe always brings us what we need and most of the time it is in the most unexpected ways!
The universe opened a door for me that cold night, the door to a calmer, happier life! We don't always see the signs and messages that come our way. We sometimes have to wait for the clouds to lift but when they do and we can see clearly, our whole world changes!
Luv and Light,