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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Through My Growing Pains I Found The Light!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, the old saying goes. 
So, so true! There have been dark times I have passed through- well, what I used to view then as dark, I now see as learning lessons, stepping stones, and growing pains. But when I was caught in those dark wells I could not see any sign of light no matter how hard I tried! My pain was too strong, my thoughts fixated on a one way street of helplessness, anger and pain. When I look back at it now, I realize how exhausting that was! Draining me completely! Of course I couldn't get out, I had zero energy to do so! I could not see any sign of light because my thoughts and emotions were wrapped in a whirl win of negativity and I really wasn't forcing myself to change my thinking so I could get out of there! I didn't even realize my thoughts could be changed, or by changing my thoughts I would be able to start seeing the light! These understandings were not part of my reality. But once I acknowledged just how much power my thoughts held and how quickly they could be changed...well that light got brighter and brighter because I kept on working on my thoughts, repeating positive affirmations even if I really didn't believe in them at the time. 
That light has lead me here. To a place within myself where the light is always shining even in the darkest of times! I am able to handle life's situations and challenges with much more ease. I have a peacefulness inside me that I wouldn't exchange for anything else on this planet! Forcing myself to change my thoughts has changed my life in its entirety!

We all go through rough patches. We all have to walk through paths that are challenging and very difficult at times. But we can help ourselves from the inside and our outer world reflect this and becomes much easier to handle, and much more pleasant to live! You see, most of the time we've got it the wrong way round! We keep trying to fix the outside but what we really need is to fix the inside! This I learned through my pain. Now how can I not be grateful for that horrible experience for I would have never learned such a gorgeous, valuable lesson! Thank you Life!

Today I can honestly say I am grateful for each and every experience in my life! I know I can never find myself in a dark, cold well ever again because through my growing pains I have found the light!

Luv and Light,