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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Universe Is Our Playground!

I know, I know, a job is very important to have in order to survive in today's world or at least this has become our belief throughout the years. It is obviously not the same world of our ancestors from centuries ago and technology has become an neccesatiy in our daily lives and these things cost money. So yes, you need to find a way to pay for all this stuff. Besides, with taxes alone, you need to be able to have money to pay for that. Then there are neccesaties like food, a home, clothes and pleanty of accessories and toys we enjoy too much to ever even consider to live without! I know, I live on this planet, I understand what it is about. What I also understand is the pressure one can feel when we hate our job yet feel the obligation to keep it because of the fear that we will not be able to pay our bills, live our comfortable life style and the uncertainty of not finding another job would ruin us!

People think I'm coo coo when I tell them that the universe supports and supplies us with all that we need. We never have to worry or stress, for it always takes great care of us! I understand why they think I'm coo coo because I too never believed that until I understood just how connected we actually are to this gorgeous, immense universe! How we are far from just human and just how much our souls are what is guiding us and how important it is to connect with that soul, that higher part of ourselves! As humans we can only do so much, but as souls the universe is our playground! The possibilities are endless!

When we choose to remain stuck in our jobs, in our relationships, in our everyday lives, we are literally telling ourselves, "there is no more for me, there is no better option available to me" and this could not be farther from the truth! Until you believe in yourself, believe you deserve more and understand that you are a soul that is in a human body, you will forever have the reality that life does not take care of you, that you must figure everything out yourself and yes, you will never be taken care of because you choose to want to do it yourself, solely as a limited human form shutting everything that is available to you out!

So what are we to do if we find ourselves in a place we don't like, a reality we wish we could change? Begin by appreciating everything you have, including the job or relationship you don't like right now. Find the things-even the tiniest things- you do like about that job or relationship and from that appreciative place you can start depicting what you would like to have. See, having something we don't like is good because it helps us better understand what we do like! Making it easier for us to know in detail what we would like to have, see, or experience in our lives! So be grateful for those contrasts! Besides, it is much easier to change something when we let go of resistance, anger or frustration and come from a place of acceptance and understanding. Believe me, it is much easier to change when your hands are not tightly wrapped around a situation suffocating it!

When you let your guard down, and allow the massive amount of help and guides that are so readily available, waiting for your permission to help; you will never again have to figure anything out but rather allow it to come to you! You will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and have every single detail figured out for you easily and effortlessly! But I know this is challenging! How do you get humans who have been conformed and programed with permeant blue prints in their minds of how life works and how life should be lived? With so many teachings from our parents and teachers how can we believe in anything else?!

Your gut/instinctual emotions will always let you know if you are happy or not. It will always tell you what is good for you and not the person standing outside of yourself! You know what you feel and only you could ever know!

Letting life take care of us takes belief, faith, trust and love. When I look at nature and I realize that I am a part of that, that I am connected to that and that I was created from the same source that created all of this, I know I am more than just human and I happily choose to enjoy the universe as my playground!

Open your eyes, your heart and your mind, and quit struggling and settling!

Luv and Light,