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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch me!

Making your life what you wish it to be requires determination, belief in onesself and letting go of other people's opinions! Not everyone agrees or likes what your idea of happiness or success is. We all have different likes and we desire different things. Some of us prefer to stick with what is safe, realistic and attainable. What seems out of the ordinary, or requires risk can be too challenging for some to even want to attempt. Each of us chooses what we want present in our lives. With every thought and belief we create a world around us.
When I first learnt about the power of positive thoughts and the power I had inside to change and rearrange my thoughts- well, I found it to be very frustrating! It took a lot of effort to stop a thought, look at it, see if it was a good thought or not then change it if need be to a more positive one! I was so used to having a powerful flow of negative thoughts that it took quite a bit of practice and dedication on my part! In short, it would have been much easier to just remain where I was, as I was. But what got me interested in positive thinking in the first place was the fact that I was fed up with my how my life was and desperately needed change! Just like someone who desires physical change and wants to lose some weight and get fit- starting to train the physical body for the first time is difficult, dreadful and much easier of a task to just keep pushing aside for yet another day. We want change but doing the work that is required in order to achieve that change is where the test of ones determination comes in. I see it this way: because we have been conformed to think a certain way for so long, it takes time to change. Just like it took time to conform from an innocent child oblivious to time and scheduling, rules and obligations, it takes time to rearrange all those scattered thoughts. It takes effort to see the brighter side of things. It takes determination to keep up the process but I will confirm this for you, not only will you benefit in a gazillion ways, those around you will also benefit and your world will become filled with more and more things you have always wanted, wished for and desired! It definitely seems like a lot of work at first, but the results are instant and that will keep you wanting to do it! Just like someone who takes that first step towards transforming their body, they start to feel better, look better until eventually training becomes something they can not live without. They love their new toned body and want to keep it, same with positive thinking- you love how you look and feel about life and reverting back is much more difficult because it is no longer part of who you are! You are now a positive thinker! Believe me positive thinking is addictive and keeps bringing you brighter and sweeter things- now who wouldn't want that! Besides, once you make a conscious effort to think more positively, the process becomes easy and effortless, it becomes automatic, it becomes who you are!

Choose what you want present in your life. Start with the basics-changing your thoughts is absolutely first on the list! Then ride the wave of life toward all the things you desire leaving other people's opinions behind you!

Luv and Light,