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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Which Way Do I Go?

We have our instinct. It sits quietly inside of us always activated, ready to be used or ignored but it has never or will never fail us. It is a system that never crashes and it is 1000% accurate! It is the survival tool that was set inside of us from the beginning of our existence to help us understand what is right or wrong for us. Our instinct is quiet. It gives us one loud response and then continues to linger with its message rather quietly. If we are too noisy with too many thoughts we can miss the simple message, "yes, do this" or "no, don't do this". This is a no fail system! When you follow your gut/instinct you will always make the right choices for yourself. We tend to rush over to ask someone else's opinion when in reality we must listen to our gut, pay attention to how it feels, that is where the true answer is! A person outside of yourself can never know as well as your own gut instinct what is best for you! When we find ourselves saying things like, "I don't know" or "I'm not sure" it is because we have placed too many thoughts in our mind the second after our instinct gave us an answer so we can become confused. When you have a decision to make, no matter how big or small, ask yourself, "how does this feel?" It is there that you will find the right answer! The more you listen to how something feels the more in-tune you will be with your internal guidance system(your gut/instinct) and the less confused you will be. As a child you always used this system. You knew first hand what you liked, what you didn't what you did and didn't want to do. But as the years go on and you begin to follow the system and learn to think more logically with facts and proof-you lose that inner connection and thoughts begin to become more powerful so you pay less and less attention to how you feel and instead begin to over think things. This can be exhausting!
So what do we do? How can we start listening to how we feel rather than over run our mind with thoughts? Start paying more attention to how you feel toward people and situations. The more you focus on the feeling, the better you will recognize how your gut sends you messages. The more you practice this, the quicker you will re-connect with your internal guidance system, the clearer all the answers become! Simple enough? I think so!
Luv and Light,
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