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Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Do We Keep The Bad Ones?

It creeps in. The daunting memory of what once was. You try not to think about it. You squirm around away from this world and find your self re-living yet again, that same exact painful moment. You have reactivated a file you stored up there in your mind. You have now made your past real again! Now all those uncomfortable, painful thoughts and feelings fill you up inside! You have now officially gone back in time! We are not victims to our thoughts! We choose what we want to keep! And we kept those memories so they come back to us every now and again to say, "do you still need me? Should I remain here? Would you like to hop in here again?" Memories are there because we have decided we are not finished with them, we still need them. So they remain present, doing their  job very well, waiting for proper instructions. So if you instruct a memory to remain, it remains. It will remain present until we ask it to leave, until we make the decision to toss it out! Memories are reminders of the person you once were, of the things that you did and of the things that happened to you. Not only do we punish ourselves going back to these memories that do not feel good, but we waste too much of our precious energy because when you really think about it, the reality is: it is the past. You can not change it. It is done and over with! Why keep it alive? You keep making it real again, and again and yet again by thinking about it again and again, and yet again! Oh what punishment!

When will you finally decide to let it go? When will you make peace with it? Don't you think you have punished yourself enough? Love yourself enough to let it go! Accept it, maybe change the reality of it in your mind-create it as you would like it to have been. Forgive yourself and all those involved. Understand that it happened, it is over, and today you are no longer that person. It is no longer your present life and that you are now in a new moment where you can be who you want to be! You can make better memories starting now! Our minds are very powerful and they make what we want to think about very real! Knowing this, why choose the bad thoughts? What about thinking more pleasant thoughts and keeping the brighter, happier memories and allowing your mistakes or bad experiences to be put to a peaceful rest. You have this power and only you can do this for yourself, for only you have access to your mind!

Luv and Light,


*Photo provided by Tracie Pippenger