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Monday, October 3, 2011

You Are A Creator!

In today's world, most people believe they are in control, and in many ways this is true. However, many of us believe we must figure it all out and work out every single deatil by ourselves and this couldn't be farther from the truth! Too many of us try to control our lives by stressing out and overwhelming ourselves! This makes for an exhausting life!

Everyday you create. With every thought and every emotion you create the world you are surrounded by and are living in right now! Your limitations keep you where you are but your limitations are an extent of your belief in your limitations! Get rid of limited beliefs and thoughts!
When you believe in something it becomes true for you, and how many of us believe we deserve an immense amount of success and abundance? How many of us believe that we deserve only the best in life? How many of us truly believe we are here to prosper and enjoy life? How many of us believe the universe takes great care of us and we never have to worry or feel scared, or figure it all out on our own?!
Too many of us lack faith! Faith in ourselves, and this is what makes a huge difference in our lives!
Those who believe they deserve happiness, success and prosperity will always be happy, successful and prosperous. Those who feel undeserving will always find themselves lacking these very things.
You are constantly creating, constantly sending your requests out into the universe! Aware of it or not, your request go out into the universe and come right back to you! Thinking positive thoughts, feeling emotions of gratitude and worthiness will help you create a life you love to live in, because this is what you are sending out so this is what you will get back!
Life is ever changing, and at any moment you can make a conscious effort to change your beliefs, change the way you see and think of yourself! Change what your believe you deserve and this will allow you to attract all the thing you want present in your life!
Life gives us endless opportunities to change and better ourselves and our reality! It is up to us to help life give us what we want!

Keeping yourself in a negative state is a choice. Keeping yourself positive is a choice. Loving and taking great care of yourself is a choice. You always have a choice! So choose wisely! After all you are a creator, so I ask you: what are you creating?!

Luv and Light,