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Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Must WANT Change!

You want change in your life? You must change! Otherwise nothing will ever change.
See, the rules of life are simple. We make it complicated by believing that life happens to us and that we have absolutely no control over anything! When we believe this, we become victims to life's circumstances. Then we feel helpless and walk around complaining in our minds wondering why life doesn't give to us what we so desperately want!
You must realize the power you hold within you that transforms the very things you do not like or enjoy in your life.
Like many others, before I realized how my thoughts and beliefs were creating the hurtful, stressful, painful world I was living in, I too was a victim. My life was very difficult to lead, and things like confusion and hurt were very alive and present in my everyday life!
You see, I chose to change and I started with changing my thoughts. Choosing more positive ones, even when I didn't truly believe in them at the time. I changed my inner dialogue and stopped hurting myself with my punishing words. This was not easy at first, but I kept it up and before I knew it I began to feel lighter, and much better about myself and life! Life responded immediately! And it always does!
As I said, if you want change in your life you must change, otherwise stop expecting things to change because they won't!
How badly do want change in your life? Are you ready and willing to change? Then begin right now! The longer you procrastinate, the longer you will have to live the life you are leading right now! If this is the case, if you do not want to make changes, then you are not allowed to complain because you are making a choice to keep your life as it is!

Life gives to us endless opportunities! Every second is a new second and you can use that new second to make positive changes! Stop remaining a victim to your life! Life is simply responding to what you are putting into it! Life does not punish us! We punish ourselves with our hurtful, painful thoughts and beliefs!

You always have a choice! So what are you going to choose for yourself?!

Luv and light,