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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are You All Prepped Up?

When you have to make a hurry decision of some sort, the racing conversation where you go back and forth within yourself begins. Rushing through your mind weighing all the pros and cons trying to figure it out ASAP! The more we think, the more nervous we get. The more nervous we get, the more we think. A vicious cycle which puts us into adrenaline mode until eventually we exhaust ourselves and somewhat "give in" to finally making a decision hoping we've made the right one. Why and what has created this way of making any decisions let alone rush decisions? Some of us are calm enough to go within and and allow the answer to come to us. I've seen it and done it myself a few times. You close your eyes for a moment, breathe and see which decision feels better. There is your answer. But when your heart and mind are racing and you're scanning your every thought desperately seeking an answer -anxiety and stress begin to flow through your veins and at this point it is too difficult to try and slow yourself down to try and dig underneath all those adrenaline driven emotions to try and figure out which feels better. This is why I believe we must prep ourselves before hand. Before the universe plops something on your plate- just like an athlete you need to train for the event so when the event presents yourself you are more than ready for it! Situations will arise in our lives and not every experience is an easy one, so prepping up for it makes total sense. When you feel good, when things are alright in your life is the perfect time to practice slowing down and learning what thoughts and emotions feel like to you. Not a difficult training but definitely an important one because it can help us to deal with life's surprises in a healthier way!

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