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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Be An Archaeologist

We can choose in any moment to have a deeper understanding of our life- to dig a little deeper and like an archaeologist discover some ancient artifacts we have buried inside us and carefully brush the dust off them. We can then do our research and find out what this ancient artifact is and why we have left it there! It is never too late to start digging and dusting. Crumbling with every stressful, tense cloud that passes through our lives has much to do with what we have buried inside us. Cleaning up and finding out what is there and why are very important processes to get us to letting the sun shine in and better handling those clouds when they pass over us. Life throws things at us, but when we remain centered, the storm passes and we are still standing. Soon enough there will be less clouds until eventually you will find yourself enjoying the drought. 
It takes a conscious effort. You must want to do the work in order to grow and change. No one will force you, or can do it for you. People will help you along the way but the work is still dependant on you. Some find themselves content/addicted to their chaos and dramas. Others want to change. I am here to remind you: you have a choice. Make one!

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