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Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Because It's Trendy?

Did I start blogging because I thought it was trendy? No. Not at all. In 2009 I didn't even know what a blog was. The day I let go of my pen and notepad and saw my words come to life I was hooked!

I write because I need to release the many words inside of me allowing room for all the other many words already making their way to me- it is my creative release. It is where I feel completely filled with bursting light! We all have a passion and it took me a while to understand that mine is writing. More importantly I feel I need to share them with you. I have always had a strong love for human kind. I don't know why I am this way but I am glad that I am! All this "stuff" I write about, all this positive chatter I have going on inside of me that I feel a strong need to share is obviously filled with constant reminders to help you -and me- keep our insides in check. Today more than ever before humans are waking up. We are all feeling a shift in and around ourselves. Our world is rapidly changing and our minds are becoming more powerful. For those of us doing the emotional/mental work and healing, we find ourselves enjoying life more than we once did and this is wonderful. For those who have not yet begun the process, well life is a little tougher to lead and the struggles appear more intense and more frequent. Yet it is our choice to heal and help ourselves adjust to the rapidly changing reality we call life. This can not be forced. It is a personal choice and each person must do their own inner work when they decide to and for some this may never be. Regardless, this is a choice and each of us always has that freedom to choose.

Positive reminders are necessary for we can not survive on negativity alone. So we read positive little messages, we watch something uplifting or we do something we truly enjoy: all vital for our survival so at least most of us do this. I write my message for you and for me. I am well aware how busy and stressful the world can be, but I also know how having a constant reminder of the beautiful things in life including the power we hold inside of us to heal, transform and create, can keep us from falling into our dark pity hole once again. The strong love and compassion I have for the human race drives me to write and do my best to keep anyone from falling, I don't want to see anyone fall...I want to see everyone spread their wings and fly!
This is a powerful time to be alive. It is a very important time for the human race and our planet. Many of us are awake and aware reaching out to help others. When the others wake up they too will extend themselves and reach out and help others. This is a beautiful healing cycle that could not come at a better time. I don't blog because it's trendy I blog because I want to remind you what you already know and help you reconnect with the balanced, powerful being you already are!

Live your life awake and aware, this way you will always have all the answers and be able to see the quiet messages quickly!

Luv and Light,
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