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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Creation is inevitable. It is part of us and we are part of it. Whether we choose to deliberately create using the power of positive thinking or letting whatever thoughts we carry within us create- we will always be creating. Your thoughts begin the process of creation, your thoughts then form feelings/emotions and that is where your creative contribution comes from. The universe carefully puts together the rest for you and BAM there you have it- creation! Simple yet very complex when you have not yet taken some control over your thoughts. We wonder why life is tough, why we struggle and why we don't get what we want. We complain, as we search for answers yet usually never looking in the right place. We tend to look everywhere else but only inside of ourselves is where everything begins. It all stems from there. If we could visualize what this looks like we could see a cord connected to a thought that leads to a feeling which leads to the reality which we see and experience. People who choose to think more positively tend to lead better lives. Some people say, "oh you're just lucky" but it isn't so. Someone who has great experiences and is surrounded by beautiful people in their lives isn't just "lucky" I would say the proper way to describe them is to say they are aware. Aware of their power to create. When I speak with people I am always quick to offer up a solution or point out when they are coming from a negative place-this happens often and I have to carefully choose when and with whom I can share my willingness to help- not everyone wants to hear something positive when they are angry or feeling anxious. Never the less I do my best to help where ever and when ever I can.

There is no denying that you help create. If you believe in a negative reality you will have a negative reality. If you have fear attached to your thoughts you will create things to be fearful about. I choose to have peaceful, happy thoughts because I want a peaceful, happy reality. When I feel a certain discord within myself, life and it's experiences, I take a look within and I trace that cord back to the thought it was created from. I then change that thought and BAM I have just shifted and created something that works better for me.

You are constantly creating. What are you creating and what would you like to create? Follow the cords that link back to your thoughts, your beliefs and create something else. Something that makes you feel happy!

Luv and Light,
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