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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do You See It?

Line your troubles in a row, stare each one straight in the eye and tell them what it is they need to know: whether to stay or go. This is about you now. You need to make the decisions. You need to take back control. These troubles- just like your emotions, keep lingering around because you never asked them to leave. You keep calling them back by revisiting them time and time again. Until you decide you no longer need them they will keep lingering waiting for your next visit.

You've got to get rid of the garbage. Your life can never be completely well lived with garbage still lingering around. In most cases, the fact remains that we have been storing that stuff for so long we don't even want to think about them let alone face them! So we choose to ignore them and lie to ourselves. We pretend like they are not there. Oh but they are very much there and until you face each one and dictate what it is they need to do-stay or go- they will forever remain there, taking up space, each one holding a full house of sad memories and painful emotions. And with each visit back to them you fill your precious space with reliving a painful memory leaving little room for creation of the good stuff. If you want to get to where you want to go then you better get a move on and start cleaning up.

What are we so afraid of anyway? This stuff happened and it's in the past. So you made a mistake, or you were a victim in a sad story. I know it was painful- remember we all have our own list of troubles. We can all relate one way or another. But why let them stay? Why not forgive the past, clean up our precious space so we can allow the present and future moments in. Do we really still need to keep punishing ourselves over and over again.

The importance to face my troubles and direct them is very clear to me the question is do you see it?

Let's affirm: The past is over and done with. I forgive and release all that is unlike love. I forgive myself and all those involved. I now set them free and set myself free.

Luv and Light,
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