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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are endless. This isn't something we learn in school and it isn't something many people will tell you. As children we are told we can be, do or have anything in the entire universe(s) but as we grow older that conversation changes- we are reminded of the many limitations and all the reasons why we can not be, do or have all that we desire. We look at the facts and all the logical reasons why we "can't" and with this we keep our limitations very real. But dreams are not about limits and statistics- that's what separates them from everything else. Dreams survive and manifest based on our belief in them- otherwise they just remain life long dreams we never got to see unfold because we don't believe they can come true for us. If we were continuously told how wonderful we are and that we can create and become anything we desire I am sure we would be living in a very different reality.
We do or best everyday to live our lives to the fullest- or do we? We believe in our dreams and do everything to help create them- or do we? If there are no daily thoughts that support our dreams and no daily actions that set them into motion how can they manifest? If you give up on your dreams- they will give up on you. Dreams can only manifest with our belief and dedication to them. Are you going to help bring them back to life? Are you going to leave them in the back of your mind for the rest of your life? Your life- your choice.

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