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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Familiar Road

I had walked along the same path for many years. A familiar road painted for me by those who raised me. I never felt lost because I always knew what to think and believe in-what to speak of and what to expect. This was my reality- partially because I was born into it and partially because it was what I continued to believe in. It is easy when you don't ask yourself questions or search for something different. 
I believe we all reach a point in our lives where we crave change- where the upbringing we've had may suddenly no longer satisfy us and we begin to question things and search for more. I like this. I have always been one to like change and things that are different and unique in some way. When I began to question and look around for new things that I connected strongly with- I found a whole universe waiting to be discovered. Sharing my new discoveries with others helped me discover even more and brought about new experiences and people. I now understand that although we may like the comfort in the familiar road- we must venture out and find our own path. The one that has been especially paved uniquely for us. We each have one and we must push ourselves to discover it because it is on this personalized path that one will find everything they have desired for so long. Walking your personal path means your life becomes easy and effortless to lead. Things begin to present themselves instead of you searching like a maniac for them. The right people and experiences will pop up as if like magic into your everyday life and your decisions become very easy to make.
Finding your personal path takes courage and strength and it sometimes means you'll have to put up with other people's judgements and opinions- but it is well worth it because you find the walk of life to be joyful and fun! The way it was always meant to be! Where is your road? Your personal path? Can you muster up enough courage to find it and are you willing to move beyond other peoples opinions to walk it?
Your road will always be there waiting for you to discover it. It is up to you to venture out of your comfort zone and greet that road that has been especially paved just for you. 

Luv and Light,

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