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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Have All The Answers

Quit doubting yourself and searching everywhere else but within yourself for answers. Each one of us is different which means we respond differently to things- what is good for one person may not be as good for you.  Do not follow someone else's patterns- find your own that work well for you. I hear it all the time from crash diets to fashion trends. These may work well for some but perhaps not for others. Learn to understand who you are, what works for you, what patterns and healthy habits you respond well to. Just because shinny tights are "in" does not mean they suit you. And maybe some people enjoy eating stale cookies for breakfast, lunch and supper to keep "in shape" but you prefer to eat a variety of yummy healthy food while keeping active. Do not follow trends instead create your own with what rings true to you and what all your senses respond to in a positive manner. No one knows or understands you better than yourself! Yes, take in good advice, listen to what others have to say but always remain true to yourself by being who you are and respecting your true tastes, opinions and views. Only you know what is best for you so quiet down and take a listen to all the advice you have sitting inside of you! You really do have all the right keys to make all the right choices for yourself!

Luv and Light,

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