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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Got To Get Noisy Before It Can Gets Quiet

When you first start working out your body swells up before it slims down- normal reaction from the muscles. Someone who doesn't eat all day then puts food in their mouth will have their bellies swell up before it can shrink back down to its normal size. When you spring clean your closet- everything is everywhere- then you begin organizing what you will give away, what can be thrown away and finally start neatly places back your items and voilĂ ! Clean closet! Cleaning up and organizing our insides works the very same way. Before we get to feeling happy and content everyday we have to clean up which means all the garbage will surface. It will be everywhere and swell up. Many of us fear to face our "stuff" that needs to be cleaned up or thrown out because it means we have to feel all those emotions and re-live those cringing moments all over again. But this is a one time process. Once you finally deal with all the garbage you are finally free and just like the clean closet you will be aware of what will make it messy again.

The problem is our focus- we do not focus on the end result instead we focus at the painful task at hand and all it involves and this keeps us from wanting to do any of it. When I have to do something that I am not comfortable doing I fast forward to the end of the day- when I am home and all has been said and done. It reminds me that in the end everything will be alright. Just like working out- it's tough, but the feeling you get afterward is why people do it. Beside all the health benefits you won't cringe when you have to put a bikini on or find yourself beating yourself up when your jeans no longer zip up. In the end all your hard work will pay off! Remember to keep your focus on the end result! That is the key. Keep yourself looking forward and not caught up in the "work" involved to get you there. Do your inner work! Clean up the old stuff and make room for the new and remember: It's got to get noisy before it can get quiet!

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