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Friday, November 4, 2011

Keep or Delete?

The other night I was washing dishes and the sleeve from my shirt kept coming down on one side, after a few attempts to keep it rolled up, I just let it be and was careful not to wet it. Suddenly I could hear my mom's voice saying, "alsa sta manica" which in Italian means, "lift this sleeve". I didn't. I was almost done anyway but this got me thinking. If my mom's voice came to me clearly with something as simple as this, how many other thoughts am I keeping that belong to someone else's beliefs? I try my best to watch my thinking and keep my thoughts positive but how many thoughts do I have lingering that don't belong to me? Are there any that are based on guilt or punishment? No need to scan all my thoughts at that very second but definitely going to keep it in mind so I can keep track if another one does comes up.

We most definitely keep thoughts from the beginning of our existence. We hear voices all around us and like sponges we absorb. As infants or children we can not filter our thoughts but as the years go by we become more aware of what is being said around us and we can filter out what we want to keep and what we want to delete. Not everyone has good things to say and not everyone chooses to share positive, loving conversation so we must always keep our thoughts in check. This is why when a commercial comes up I use the mute button, especially if it a commercial telling me about the million symptoms depression carries or why aging should be stopped with a specific cream or pill! Not for me thank you very much. This mind is my treasure and I will decide what goes in and lingers around! I want good thoughts up in there. We can find so many reasons to worry and panic. We can focus on negative hurtful things and keep those kind of thoughts just as we can focus on happy things and keep those thoughts. As long as we are aware of what we are absorbing we can keep our minds as healthy or as sick as we choose it to be.

Live your life awake and aware. Delete the thoughts you no longer need and create the ones you do need. Your life is yours to live, your mind is your treasure to create. Do the best you can to help yourself have a happy, healthy mind!

Luv and Light,


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