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Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking Through The Right Lens

Part of the magnificence of being human is that we get to continuously transform ourselves. Even if we decide not to transform ourselves, time and experiences will do this for us. The moment we realize just how much power we hold in our personal transformation it becomes a great tool we use to better transform our reality. The point is we are never stuck. We are caught in a moment in time only if we choose to be. The flow of life is constantly moving forward and although we have our memory to bring us back to that great time or horrible time in our lives- we always hold the power of choice and transformation that keeps us moving forward and focused on the present. That was then, you were that person then and now is now and you can shift in any way you like to create the you of today.
Take a good look at yourself. Who are you? How do you feel and why? Are you allowing yourself to be who you wish to be or do you feel stuck in playing the role of the old you? When I first asked myself these questions I quickly understood that I was looking through a very narrow, cloudy lens. I was stuck on who I was and all the "mistakes" I made not yet realizing the learning lessons they were and the option to let go of of those yesterdays and transform myself and my world today. What lens are you looking through and how does it make you view yourself and your world? Is the reflection staring back at you something you like? What and where can you change to begin to love yourself again?
Endless options are forever readily available. But if you are looking through the wrong lens you might not be able to see those options but that doesn't mean they aren't there.

Look. Search. Find. Discover. Transform.

Luv and Light,

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