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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Man Behind Carving Found: Mark Lang

Each of us views the world in our own unique way. The gorgeous tree that stands tall along the street you are walking along may be admirable to you yet go unnoticed by another. Each country, each city holds its own beauty in whichever form we wish to view it and in my own city of Montreal I find endless things to admire. Besides the gorgeous beauty of nature that decorates this city I call home, art seems to be found everywhere. Sometimes hidden in the oddest of places. There are so many talented individuals in Montreal in everything you can consider art and a couple of weeks ago while I was walking along I found this amazing pumpkin perfectly carved to the artist's imagination and it definitely drew my attention! After some searching I discovered just how talented the man behind this beautifully carved pumpkin actually is. His name is Mark Lang and he is more than just a guy who does an unbelievable job at carving a pumpkin. He is a painter! A amazingly talented painter! Huh! Who would have thought a snap shot from my phone would lead me to discover such an amazing artist! Thank you Mark for your unbelievable talent and thank you for leaving your treasures for the passersby to enjoy! Maybe I'll find some more of your art decorating the streets of this city or many other gorgeous places on the planet! Otherwise we always have your website! 

  Luv and Light,