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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Massive Message

Messages. They usually come as a gut feeling or a small thought. We sometimes receive messages in a huge way. Something happens that pulls the carpet from underneath us in order for us to learn and change something within us and around us. Perhaps we are doing too much, or making a wrong decision. Maybe we are on walking up the wrong path, whatever the message brings- if the message is massive we usually clearly understand what the universe is trying to tell us and we make the proper changes. If we could trace back this massive message that made such a huge impact in our lives we can find many mini messages that came before it that we probably failed to acknowledge. This is very common because life's messages are usually very quiet and simple and in today's world quiet and simple is hard to detect. There is lots of noise all of the time and most of us humans are constantly doing, saying or thinking something. For most of us the only quiet time we get is bed time and even then some of us will leave music playing, a television running or listen to the gazillion thoughts that we have accumulated in our minds and run around back and forth with them. How can we hear a quiet, simple message through all of that? Many of us wake up between the hours of 2 and 5 AM and believe that we need a drink of water or we need to use the bathroom or maybe neither of the two and we simply wonder, "why can't I sleep?" Well if you keep your life noisy how are you supposed to hear the answers you have asked the questions to? When is the universe supposed to communicate with you? So it reaches out at the only time of day that there is no noise. Only problem with this is most of us don't understand that this is the reason for our waking up and again we create more noise in our minds with thoughts missing the answers yet once again. Instead of thinking at 3AM when you've suddenly woken up, ask "what is it that I need to know" I promise the answer will come. You may not be able to understand the answer the first time it depends on how noisy your mind is, but keep asking because eventually you will understand what is trying to be told to you. This way you don't have to wait for the massive message to hit. Makes for less shock and less re-adjustment.

Remember Life's messages are usually quiet and simple so listen up!

Luv and Light,

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