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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Masterpieces-Free of Charge

Nature refines and perfects all its creations down to its tiniest detail. Every inch of every living thing- including humans- is designed with great detail and precision. Like a great artist Mother Nature designs and creates masterpieces that leave us to admire in awe. With today's advanced technology many of her creations can be somewhat replicated but most remain impossible to replicate. A few examples of this: the moon, stars, sun, oceans, mountains and skies. Some big boys in the food industry decided that playing with Mother nature and her foods is a good idea and now we have plenty of foods that aren't really as Mother Nature intended them to be. Nature gives us everything we need and always the right amount of it. When we start playing with Mother Nature- she responds to us- letting us know if we've done the right thing or not. Having grown up in simpler times I can truly appreciate the simple things and I am very grateful for that- as much as I can appreciate today's world of many advancements- the simple things still have a special place in my heart.
Mother Nature gives us these masterpieces- free of charge and we must remember to respect them and do our best to love and protect them- including us, the humans. Respect and love the masterpiece that you are and remember that you too were designed with perfection and precision. When you bash yourself you also bash what created you. When you criticize yourself, you are also criticizing the creator. Love and attention helps plants grow- the same goes for us. Love and respect yourself and appreciate and continue to refine the great masterpiece you are- down to the tiniest detail!

Luv and Light,

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