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Friday, November 25, 2011

My World-My Choice...Your World-Your Choice

Bright and beautiful is how I like my world to be. This isn't every one's desire but it is mine. I make the proper changes and adjustments within myself to help create this life I desire. Each of us must follow our own hearts and create whatever it is we want for ourselves. Each individual has their own life and not every life must be lead the same way. It can be challenging when others don't agree with how we choose to live our lives and worse when we are busy judging how someone else leads their life. Best thing to do is focus on your own and allow others to live theirs as they choose. Advice and smart tips are great to share but if someone is leading their life in a way you disagree with then it is vital that learn to let go. You can not control them- you can only help guide them. Keep them in your prayers, visualizations and meditations but detach yourself. Don't become overly obsessed because it won't do anyone any good. You will only create resistance, anger and more troubles for the other person and yourself. I know how frustrating it can be to witness someone mess up their life by making all the wrong choices and decisions for themselves and as someone standing outside of that person's circle of emotions- it is clear as clear can be. Yet for that person it may be difficult to understand why those choices and decisions are damaging- maybe they are not ready to change. Maybe they have lessons to learn though those wrong choices and heavy experiences. So we must allow them to go through them and be ready to help them up when they fall or fumble. 
We all have lessons to learn in life and these lessons are endless because life keeps moving forward and if we choose to keep moving forward with it then we must expect the lessons.

I release others to experience that which is meaningful to them and I am free to choose that which is meaningful to me.

Luv and Light,

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