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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Rotten Routine

It only takes one step to get yourself headed in the right direction. One small decision. The rest will unfold as you keep walking along. I understand the feeling of being too comfortable- when we've become so accustomed to our routine(s) that we won't even consider change. If there is one thing we humans don't like- it's to have our routine(s) disrupted. We love our routines- maybe not someone else's but lets face it we can become addicted to our routine(s) even if they are rotten. There isn't too much thinking involved we know what we need to do and we do it almost automatically. I know, I too have routines and find comfort in them which is why I force myself to get out of them. Yes I know anyone with children is just about ready to tell me how important structure and routines are. I know, I understand- believe me I get it. I am referring to the stuff that keeps us angry, upset, frustrated, unhealthy and lazy. That's the stuff we need to switch and it is only ourselves that can make that choice and take that step toward something better. Change isn't the most comfortable thing, it means we have to apply ourselves and dedicate to something(s) we aren't accustomed to. But if our routine is killing us or keeping us unhappy or unhealthy we must push ourselves until the healthier choices and changes become part of our routine. We have to take proper care of ourselves, change where we need to change, make decisions that are good for us so we can enjoy life to the fullest!

What are your routines like? Do you have rotten routines that aren't doing you any good? Where and what do you need to change to go from having rotten routines to great routines that keep your mind, body and spirit healthy? Your life is now. You are here now so do what is right to keep yourself enjoying your life. Say no to rotten routines!

Luv and Light,
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