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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Solid In Who I Am

Being inspired is a beautiful thing yet for some insecurity can kick in with inspiration. It can make you feel as though you are not good enough and that begins a punishing conversations within yourself. Each of us has our own talent and abilities and although we can be inspired by watching others, remaining true to onesself is very important. You are not meant to be like anyone else. You are meant to be different. This is what makes the world as pretty as it is. At a glance lions or flowers look the same until you take a closer look, then you can see the little yet important details that makes each one unique.

Inspiration is meant to inspire but this leads many to start beating down on themselves and wonder why they hadn't thought of that, or why they will never be able to have or do that, or how they wished it could be them. This is not only a waste of energy but also activates a toxic mix of emotions within yourself. And here is the thing about emotions in particular toxic ones, we don't want to feel that way yet we are the ones who choose to activate them. Emotions do a wonderful job. Anger is a solid emotion doing a very good job creating force and fire in the pit of your solar plexus. Just like jealousy, hurt, and insecurity can be considered bad or toxic emotions there is no denying that they do an amazing job being present within you. Again, these emotions pop up because you requested them to activate. They are simply doing their job. Pay attention how inspiration effects you. 

Appreciate another's beauty or talent, admire it and allow it to inspire you to help you create your own unique talents that others can be inspired by and keep the flow going. Maybe that successful man/woman is leading a life you would like to lead, or that beautiful man/woman is a dream to look at...allow them to inspire you to create your own but do not beat down on yourself because of it! Big difference here!

Allow yourself to be inspired but remain solid in who you are.

Luv and Light,

*Photo Provided by Tracie Pippenger Discover her Treasures