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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sprint, Hop or Stroll

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Life is a journey, not a destination." 

We set goals and desires but what happens once we have all we really desire? Do we actually get to a point in our lives where we no longer desire anything else? I believe the desires will always be. We will always dream and want- it is part of the human experience. We work toward something- get it, then work toward else- maybe it doesn't work out so we head toward another goal or desire. It is an on going journey so it makes no sense to be rushing about. In a fast paced life such as the present-with so much to do we can easily forget the fact that there really isn't a destination so it is important to remind ourselves to enjoy where we are right now and where we are headed because life is about experiencing and experimenting. We are here on a journey with no final human destination. Life moves quickly, time passes and before you know it you're wondering how it is that you are already here- at this stage in your life?! So enjoy the moments! Slow down as much as you can and try to be present in each moment. 
I enjoy speaking to my elders. Besides the great stories they share, they are always quick to remind me that life passes quickly so I must enjoy it as much as I can. I like these reminders because it helps keep things in perspective. 
I'm not going to run through life- I may hop a little but I will do my best to stroll along most of the way. How about you? Will you sprint, hop or stroll?

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