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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Sun Will Set And Rise Again!

No matter how bad or challenging a situation might seem- the night will end and a new day will begin. With each sunset and sunrise we are reminded that we get a fresh start, another chance at life. We can wash away yesterday and accept the new day with new beginnings. What you did yesterday does not have to be brought into this new day. We can begin again. Renewed, refreshed! Carrying yesterday with you means you get to walk about new experiences with heavy luggage strapped to your chest! Exhausting and blocking the new from entering completely which means you miss out! Think about it. When you arise to begin a new day, do you really want to bring the past with you? Yes, the day before is considered the past so is the moment that has just now come to pass. All past, and all meant to remain there- in the past.

Allow yourself to keep moving forward. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Choose not to have heavy luggage and knapsacks strapped to you like ticking time bombs- this will keep you from truly absorbing and experiencing the new. So let go as the sun sets and celebrate as you arise with the sun toward a new day luggage free!

Luv and Light,
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