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Monday, November 14, 2011

Window Of Opportunity?

We choose how we want to look at our lives. And with this choice we either feel as though we are looking through windows of opportunity or looking through bars of a prison cell that holds us captive. Having been a prisoner of my own cell- one I had built with fear, limited beliefs and limited vision- I can understand how all the tiny choices we make effects the outcome of our lives. Choosing to believe in a small reality steals your dreams and hopes away! Like when we desire more but believe that it is impossible to attain or we don't know how to get there on our own so we give up all together - well this keeps us prisoner to our self made prison cells desperately waiting for someone to come set us free. With desperation guiding our lives our experiences become far from easy, effortless and enjoyable but rather a great struggle. We get tired, fed up, angry and frustrated. We must remember that we always have a choice. We do not need our world to change. We need to change ourselves. Shift our focus, thoughts and beliefs. You are a creator, always have been and you always will be. You help create with what you choose to think, feel and believe in. But when all your senses have been carved down to a tiny peep hole then life looks and feels very limited and most definitely becomes a drag to live!

Having chosen to expand my thoughts, beliefs and vision I am now a positive, happy, optimistic person and I can see the major difference between choosing to view life looking through windows of opportunity or through the thick bars of a self made prison cell. Where are you right now?
Are you looking through the windows of opportunity? What kind of different choices can you make for yourself to better your life? How do your choices and vision keep you in your self made prison cell? Think about it and make the proper decisions!

Luv and Light,
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