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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be Good To Yourself

We are our worst critics. This can come from how we were raised or lack of self love- sometimes a mix of both. Other times it may be triggered by something else but the bottom line is- most of us lack self love. We are not good enough. We could have done this or that better. We feel down and defeated and we do this all on our own. Beating ourselves up time and time again.

Not many of us look into a mirror without giving first attention to our defects or imperfections. We are not like small children who love to gaze at themselves in amazement. Now we look at this and that while feeling self conscious, criticising ourselves the whole way through. What do we want to look like anyway? It is the very things that we do not like about ourselves that makes us unique and beautiful!

It can be easy to be self conscious when there is no one around to remind you how amazing you are. But you can not wait for others to tell you- you must believe it for yourself! Remember you were created from love, therefore you are love and love is perfect in every way!

Watch your inner dialogue. Make sure you are not being hard on yourself. Pay attention when you start to criticise yourself and try to make an effort to create a more positive, loving conversation. You are doing the best you can with what you know and you are meant to be as you are so please stop fighting with yourself and learn to love yourself!

No one in the world is like you and that is preciously how it was intended to be! No one will make sure you are loving yourself- only you can do this so please be good to yourself!

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