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Friday, December 2, 2011

Cut Your Strings!

In many ways we remain connected to experiences and emotions that have long ago passed. When we revert back to those memories we can feel and experience the exact emotions we felt at that time - replaying the scene preciously as we remember it- leaving us feeling sad, excited or perhaps just content that time is over and done with. Depending on how our memories make us feel we could decide to cut the memory strings that attach us to the less pleasant memories. If they keep you feeling stuck in an unpleasant way- cut the cord. The past has no power over us unless we choose to keep it alive by re-living the memories. There is a new year coming- 2012. This is a very powerful time for all of humanity.  Try your best to cut your cords before entering into this new year. Let's go into 2012 with plenty of empty of space in our minds, hearts and souls for the new to enter.
Here we come 2012! Clean, unattached and ready for the new!

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