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Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't Go For Second Best Baby...

You have to decide what you want and what you deserve. Living life insecure and unworthy is painful and will keep you stuck somewhere. Self worth and self respect means you will not put up with not being respected and loved.

Blaring Madonna's Express Yourself as it came on the radio yesterday got me to thinking why do people settle in unhealthy relationships? Why stay when you are not truly 100% happy? Worse- why stay when you are not being respected and treated as you deserve? Our attitude teaches people how to treat us. If your message to them is, " I'm not good enough and I do not deserve love" then please shake yourself out of it! Let go of your past mistakes- they do not represent who you are anymore- they are in the past so please leave them there. Each day you can create a better you so there are no excuses. Self love and respect in vital for happy survival.

Having had my share of toxic relationships I can understand how we can get stuck in them. Insecurity keeps us there. We don't love ourselves so we allow others to take advantage of us, treat us badly- even abuse us. Self respect means loving and accepting yourself and allowing others to do the same. If you are in a unhealthy relationship- get out. No two ways about it. Respect yourself enough to say no to any type of abuse. I know woman who are with men who treat them very badly and take advantage of them and vise versa. I want to shake these people and let them see what I see- but I can not. I have to let them be and allow them to go through their own experience and hope that they wake up. Watching them go through this experience isn't easy- but it is part of their story. Hopefully we can inspire them to search for more within and around themselves and hurry up to go fetch the best things in life!

"Second best is never enough you'll do much better baby on your own" Madonna

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