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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011- Hello 2012!

It's here- new year, new promises, new beginnings. The whole world gets the feeling of a fresh start! 

I make new years wishes- not resolutions but rather wishes, goals and desires- everything I would like to see manifest itself into my reality without the pressure I find resolutions hold. I write them all down on a piece of paper and I store this paper away- at some point throughout the year I stumble upon this paper and I am always filled with amazement when I re-read  it and get to see just how much of it has come true- amazed at how many of those many things have manifested themselves!

When I was a child going to school my teacher would have us fill out a paper that asked us questions like what was our favorite, food, singer, activity etc. She would then place them in an envelope and hand it back to us at the end of the school year so we could see how much we had changed. I loved that exercise and my new years eve wish list is just like that list. When I look back at it I can see how many things have changed, how much my desires have changed and how many of my wishes have come true! I was just looking at last years list and there are quite a few things I have received from that list: like a new job, more free time to spend with my husband, more peaceful relationships, my higher sense of intuition and clear insight- my list goes on and on of course and it lacks no imagination and monstrosity- I have an expansive mind for desiring and dreaming!

So this time of year is when I make my list. I will sit down and with great intention and dedication I will use my expansive imagination to create my list of desires for 2012! No holding back- there are no limitations or logical dreams for this kind of a list- this is a right brain activity all the way!

My wish for you is to find yourself at some point throughout 2012 going back to your desires realizing that they have manifested! 

May your New year be filled with all the things you have desired and dreamed about! Happy, prosperous New Year to each and everyone of you!

Goodbye 2011- Hello 2012!

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