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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Heavy Chain

Just like you I too have many different aspects of myself. I have the happy me, the sad me, the angry me, the stressed out me, the hurt me, the driven me, the courageous me, the fun me- with each of these comes a series of differently grouped emotions that come together like a looped chain.

If I choose to ignite a not so good emotion- the chain becomes very heavy to bare. I keep looping from one heavy emotion to the other until my day is done and over with and I can finally remove this heavy chain and start over the next day.

I enjoy myself and life best when I am the happy me- my life flows better, I feel and look better, and my days are very enjoyable with no heavy chain to remove at the end of the day. Everyone likes happy days- they are fun days!

When I wake up to face a busy day I do my very best to remember the choices I have. I can choose to carry the heavy chain and loop through the day with those heavy hoops of emotions creating more and more of what I don't want or I can do my best to carefully watch myself and make sure I am choosing the happy me where the loops of emotions are fun and enjoyable.

Which you do you prefer to experience? What choices can you make for yourself to avoid looping through a heavy chain of emotions?

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