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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Migraine Talk

"What should I do? Should I do this or that? I know what they expect from me so I better do this even though I would like nothing more than to do that." -This is the great migraine talk. The inner conversation that if carried on long enough creates a painful feeling in the mind, solar plexus and forces you to simply shut down and hide away from the world.

We are contributors to our health. Too many should of's and too much back and forth does not lead to one feeling content and healthy.

We have expectations to fill. Expectations others have toward us and worse those we create for ourselves- ouch!

So how can we fix this? How can we rid ourselves of expectations? Free ourselves and just live our life without any of these pressing, migraine creating thoughts? Well as always, the answer is simple: learn to say no to what you truly do not want to do and pay attention to your inner dialogue and make sure it isn't a rough, tough, unloving kind of talk. The action is most definitely not as easy as the simple answer.

The importance of being true to ourselves and living our lives the way we choose it or want it be means we remain healthy and happy- yes, I know the guilt and pressures that come with choosing what we truly want for ourselves at the risk of letting others down but if it means not feeling good and having to deal with a migraine or other physical/mental aliments- well I think that speaks for itself.

Do your best to do the things in life that you desire. Be good to yourself and learn to let things like guilt and other pressures go. You only get one life and you have no clue as to when your expiry date arrives so live your life the way you choose to live it. Do more of what makes you happy. After all you can never, ever please everyone so might as well focus on keeping yourself happy and with this everyone benefits.

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