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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Colored Wings

Everyone knows traveling educates and cultures a person. It allows new experiences and the senses to awaken in new ways. We eat foods that are different, hear languages that are unfamiliar and walk along roads that look and feel different. Today we have the Internet which allows us to visit and learn about places without leaving our home. We can easily communicate with people from all around the globe. Amazing isn't it?!

Many of us can relate back to the time before the Internet- when communication meant a phone call or a letter and visiting a foreign country meant actually traveling the distance. Growing up I had the fortunate opportunity of spending time traveling. Having most of my family in Italy meant I got to spend every second summer there- something I truly enjoyed! It cultured me in many ways and of course introduced me to the latest fashion that would only make its way to Canada 3 or 4 years later. I was still in school in those days and everyone knows how vicious children/teens can be sometimes. So coming home with my new jeans and fresh insights meant putting up with lots of criticism from some of my not so friendly school mates. 

It was challenging to be confident and my eldest sister helped with this. She was in college where it was easier to be different. Living in a multi cultural city like Montreal different is normal- except in a suburban school where the world is still very tiny and consists of trying to be like everyone else. Well I was not- and thanks to my sister- and of course my friends who appreciated me- I got through just fine. Okay so I cried some nights because I was tired of hearing how different I was, but then some encouragement from my sis and my peeps kept me going. 

One day I found myself standing next to a guy who used to love making fun of my shoes. Ironically enough he was now(2 years later) wearing the same style of shoe-well for men but you get my point- so I said, "Hey, nice shoes" and from my expression he could tell I was being sarcastic and he said, "yeah but now everyone is wearing them" and with my very expressive eyes he followed with, "I'm sorry I teased you for so long. It's just that you were too ahead of the times."

Don't waste your time worrying what others say or think of you. Being different is a gorgeous quality so be proud of it! Those days are long behind me and today it isn't my fashion but my insights and choices that sometimes get judged but I remain strong and true to myself! Proud of who I am thanks to the practice I had in school.  

I never wanted or liked being a follower- like a sheep following the herd. I prefer to be like a gorgeous bird flying around freely- proudly flapping my colored wings!

Celebrate your individuality! It's gorgeous!