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Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Baggage Allowed

If only you could know what was waiting on the other side of that bridge. All of the things you asked for are there just waiting for you to go fetch them.

Why wouldn't anyone not want to just run over and grab all of those amazing things? Well there is a rule- a law to get over that bridge that not many can abide by. There is no luggage allowed. No old baggage- old thoughts of hurt and pain allowed. If you are still carrying all or any of these things you have very little room for anything else so you must remain where you are- as you are. No changes for you because you still choose to hold on to all that old stuff.

It isn't your god's punishment, or the way the universe punishes you. There is no punishment! We live in a world where the law of attraction is at work 24/7. What you believe you receive. So if you are stuck carrying all of your past past pains and hurts, all of your past mistakes and insecurities- how in the world can you attract anything else besides more of what you keep thinking of?

Let go and clear yourself of all that baggage so that you may cross over that bridge and get to all those gorgeous treasures you have dreaming about for so long!

Courage and strength to you!

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