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Monday, December 12, 2011

Playful Planet

Earth is meant to be a fun place. A place of creation, experiences and taste testing life experiences. We aren't meant to get stuck somewhere rather life is meant to be like an amusement park or buffet- where we try this ride then that one- or a little of this food and that food. Taste, ride, see what you like and keep moving on. Difficult to be this way when we have the gift of memory. But we must remember we are not here to get stuck on one ride or eat the same food over and over again. No one is going to make sure you never get stuck somewhere. No one can enter your mind to see what you are thinking and what memories you are storing. Only you can know this and only you can change this. You are the only thinker in your mind- the only one who chooses what memories to keep.

Try to remember that there are many different rides to go on and jump off of and there are many different foods to taste and it is all meant to be dabbled in while we keep moving forward. If you get stuck somewhere- push yourself off! Jump- leap away and make sure you remind yourself that getting stuck somewhere takes away the fun that life was meant to be! Don't keep memories that keep you stuck- don't think thoughts that keep you from breathing.

Enjoy your time here. Your admission isn't forever so ride the rides and taste the variety in the fun of life!

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