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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Life is a mirror. Each person we know, meet or see is a reflection of ourselves in some way. Although we may be completely different from them- they are in some way reflecting a part of us. Perhaps its the part of us we are yet to discover, or they represent the way we once were.  The reflection is there to help us refine ourselves, our needs, wants and desires. Some people represent parts of us that lay dormant that we may never want to awaken. It is easier to see something when it is outside of ourselves- pretty smart universe huh?!
This is why judgements and criticism don't do anyone any good because in some way we are reflecting each other. With every experience and interaction there is something for you to learn. Each one carries a hidden message for you to discover- clues and tips to help you refine and transform in some way. Learn to acknowledge the reflections and see the messages.
We are given endless opportunities to change and improve ourselves and our lives- so don't walk around with a blindfold. Open yourself up to the constant reflections.

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