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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She Says

"Life sucks" she says unaware that she is helping it "suck" with every choice and decision she makes. "Nothing ever works out for me" she says, not yet understanding that her belief in that statement makes it true. "Everything bad always finds its way to me" she says, still not understanding the law of the universe and how it brings forth what she focuses on and believes in. Each of these continued beliefs and statements of hers are affirmations that she's created and continues to believe in- it is set into her thinking pattern and so she creates more of what she doesn't want. Only she can not see that yet.

Fast forward a few years ahead- it finally catches up to her- all the repetitive negative beliefs and statements catch up to her. She is about to break! Fed up with always having stressful, unfortunate events take place in her life- tired of remaining a sad soul who's life "sucks", she finally hits that wall! Crashes down and finds herself tightly curled in fetal position crying- she cries her eye out and is ready to give up completely. "I can't do this anymore" she cries out in desperation! She doesn't know it yet but she will later find out that crashing down like that is where the magic happens! Surrendering and letting go is the best way to start over! Being at the very bottom means there is only one way to go- UP!

Things surly did move up for that girl from that moment of that final breakdown! She decided, "no more or this for me! I deserve to be happy! I am a good person!" From this point she began her transformation. She did everything it took to never, ever go back to that place/reality she once lived in. She changed her thoughts and perspective, she slowly began taking better care of herself- no more self bashing conversations and negative beliefs. She decided she was going to learn to love herself and the world that surrounds her. She now knows that when you choose to live in love and believe in love- you begin to see with love and everything around you responds to that vibration! Now she says, "life is beautiful- it is up to us to make it that way"- quite a transformation huh?

So where is this girl today? She is now 35 years young typing this blog post for you to read and she says, "you help create your reality. If your life isn't as you would like it to be then make the proper changes within yourself. It isn't a fast process but most definitely a permanent one. Don't be afraid- do the self work- there is nothing greater than to heal your life!"

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