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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Touchy Topic

My parents always told me never to discuss religion or politics- it is the best way to keep peaceful circles...but I do love to speak my opinion.

My belief in religion is this: follow whatever makes you feel good inside. If going to church helps you feel good and do good in your life then do it! If going to a synagogue, a mosque, or a temple helps you to feel good and do good then do it! I believe we are all different and so we relate to different things. I accept this and love this about our planet! Do not allow religion to separate us! Accept and allow each person to believe in what makes them feel and do good and let the judgements and criticisms go! We must allow one another to believe in what rings true to them. You are no better and no less than anyone else- always remember that!

Nature reminds us that the world is about diversity! Without it the planet would not be as gorgeous as it is! Our diversity is gorgeous! Celebrate it!