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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toxic Chatter

Stop the gossipy chatter please. Gossip and criticism is toxic. When we gossip and criticize others we open the doors that creates others to gossip and criticize us. It is a vicious circle our gossipy chatter helps put into motion. Imagine that whatever you say about that someone can be heard by them. This can help keep you from saying anything that is unlike love. Make sure whatever it is you are saying is the same sort of things you would want that person to say about you. Just because someone isn't there with you does not mean you forget about their feelings. Each one of us is on our own journey experiencing things in a different way and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own stories and reasons and we must remain open and compassionate to that. Just because we believe something is right or wrong does not mean we have the right to judge.
Do you like to be judged? Gossiped about and criticized by others? Would you like to know that people are sitting around talking negatively about you? So why is it okay for you to do so? The next time you want to gossip about someone remind yourself of the toxic circle you are about to create. Life gives back to you what you give to it so what are you giving to life? If toxic gossip is what you desire to have life give back to you- then go ahead continue your toxic chatter.

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