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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Unlit Path

Years ago I started a journey- a journey of self discovery. Scared, desperate and tired I started down this unlit path. Flash light in hand and hope in my heart I slowly began to find pieces of old thoughts and emotions that had been there for too many years! Dealing with each one- I lovingly acknowledged why I had kept them there for so long and happily started to throw them out. Clearing out what was keeping me fearful and holding me back in life.  As I continued clearing out the garbage I started to feel lighter, less scared and suddenly there was light- lots of it! I eventually found myself in a beautiful place! How could this be? This dark, scary path led me to such a beautiful, peaceful place?! Who would have ever thought?

I started my journey of self discovery because I was fed up of living my life scared, anxious and unsure. I kept attracting all the wrong people and wrong situations. Truth is- I was very unhappy. Searching in all the wrong places I obviously never found my solution until I decided to look within. And there it was! All the answers, solutions and all the things standing in my way. There were all there- within me. Patiently waiting for me to organize and deal with them. 
Why had I not thought of this before? I now understand that everything comes in the perfect time and space frequency. I needed all those experiences and people in my life- they held vital lessons for me. Lessons I could not learn otherwise. 

I have learnt that all the answers lay within me and I need not search anywhere else. Each of us can help transform ourselves and our lives by creating peace and love within us. Forgiveness of ourselves is vital and helps us to forgive others- this is freedom! 

Do not be afraid to head down your unlit path. Believe me- through that darkness you will find the light. I did!