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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Waterfall Of Thoughts

You know what kind of feelings keep you down and unhappy. Feelings are reactions from accumulated thoughts. When you build enough thoughts based on fear, sadness and anger you create a massive stream of negative emotions effecting your emotions and health. The small things in life- like thoughts may seem insignificant but are on the contrary extremely powerful. 

Your health begins with your mind. Your happiness depends on your thinking. I know this can seem far fetched for some but when you look at the human body and its functions you can see that everything within the human body is connected to the brain. Our computer- our motherboard. All orders are sent out from there directly to our body. 

If you want to get happy. If you want to stay healthy- go to the source- the motherboard and rewire whatever is set in a negative motion. Your happiness and heath depends on this action and there is no one who knows those wires better than yourself! Please take responsibility for your health and happiness and take proper care of yourself. 

Lots of happiness and healing to you!

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