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Friday, December 9, 2011

Weaving Webs

We can easily get entangled in our own web or the webs others weave. Each web a spider forms begins with a single thread- same with our human made webs. It begins with one thought, one intention, one desire and before you know it, you find yourself sitting in a beautifully tight sown web. Great when we are busy building our own webs of great reality but not so great when we are caught in someone else's sticky web of pain. If we are not careful we could remain stuck as some one's helpless victim. Do your best to take note of that first thread- whether it is your own thread or someone else's be aware of it so that you may continue weaving that web or jumping far away from it before it can be fully formed.

I've been caught in a few self made webs of my own- some good, some not so good but because they are my own I can make myself aware of their existence and easily break away from them. If we are not careful and don't see that initial thread- we can easily remain a helpless victim - so be careful of the webs you sow and the ones you get caught up in.

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