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Friday, December 30, 2011

What you Give Out You Get Back

Be careful with what you say, be cautious of what you are thinking and putting your focus on because the universe is always listening.

The universe does its job without hesitation and to the best of its immense ability. It carefully listens to you and delivers what you are extending your energy to. Only difference with human and universal is there are no words- only energy. If you are angry and vibrating anger it's like you are saying more of this please so the universe brings you more reasons to be angry- not to punish you- rather to fulfill your request. This is why, "please, please, please" won't really get you anywhere- instead you've got to send out confident energy toward what it is you are "please, please, pleasing" about.

It is important that you come to terms with the fact- yes fact- that you live in a world that is based on the law of attraction. Otherwise you can remain a "victim" to life and its experiences. If you do not choose what you want to put your energy toward then you will do it unknowingly and that can bring you plenty more of what you do not want.

Be sure to pay attention to what you say and what you are thinking- for what you give out you get back- the universe is always listening.

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