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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 The Road of following- Not Figuring Out

Indecisiveness, controlling anything and everything and figuring it all out is how I used to function. This would lead me to feeling insecure, doubtful, concerned, fearful and uncertain. In this new year of 2012 I have decided to leave those companions of many years -who I used to carry with me at all times- behind.

We parted ways. I decided we no longer need each other. I have my internal guidance system (my gut feeling) that I have finally officially hooked up with to help me understand all the details of my life.

I am going with the flow of life rather than contemplating back and forth. I know I am always guided, always gently pushed in the right direction and my greatest, most important job is to listen and go with the flow. Simply allow it unfold.

There are many differences between this generations and the previous ones and the most vivid to me is patience. Not that long ago we had no choice but to be patient. You had to wait for that letter to arrive in the mail- no instant email, text or tweet was of existence. You had to wait for that person to arrive home to get in touch with them- no cell phone yet available to the public. You had to go to the library to get your information- no internet just yet. So for those of us who experienced those years we have the gift of patience- well most of us anyway.

I am grateful to have the gift of patience for it allows me to let go and allow things to unfold. Just because we want it right now does not mean it is meant to come into our reality this instant. Focus on what you want- let the rest go. The universe knows what to bring to you, when, where and how it needs to unfold. We need to learn to listen to our gut, to be patient, to stop trying to control and figure everything out- we need to learn to let go and trust.

2012 is a road of following- not figuring out.

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