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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is always help readily available to us. We can ask a family member, a friend and in today's world simply type a question into a search engine and get instant answers.

But what about the kind of stuff no one can help you with? You know that big project your working on or that competition you'll be competing in next week- who can help give us the help we need? What about when you feel down and out? Who can help with something like that?

Being human and having my fair share of emotions and tasks that I sometimes need help with, I have found the very best source of help comes from the source that is invisible to my human eyes. When I need help-as I usually do- I simply send it out to the universe and to my angels. I literally ask for what I need and POOF like magic- it happens. It never fails to amaze me- each and every time! 

Yet another no fail system readily available to each of us free of charge.

Years ago I tried to complete all my tasks by myself, never, ever asking for help- never even considering the option that there is help available. I was run down and stressed out most of the time- but when I learnt of this never ending source of help that was available, I gave it a try. Wow! Remarkable! That's it! I was hooked!

Just like any great gift that we receive in life, there is one rule that comes with it- always say thank you. You ask and when it is delivered you say thank you. What a beautiful, magical world we live in!

So if you are stuck and need some help, just ask. Always remembering to give thanks.

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