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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Designer, Contractor and Builder

Emotions get stored up inside of us, agreed? We accumulate images, experiences, words, sounds, visuals, each one activating a specific feeling or emotion. Some will activate 2 or more feelings/emotions at once. 

If we want to put a visual to it, I see it like storage units in our minds. All the fearful thoughts go here, in this storage unit. All the happy thought go into this other storage unit and on and on it goes. 

Along side each of these storage units we have extensions attached to each unit. In here we store the emotion or feeling attached to those thoughts in those storage units. Are you still with me? 

So when something occurs in your life- say you acquire a large sum of money today- your mind will go into the "appropriate" storage unit to fetch the "appropriate" thought(s) that you associate gaining a large sum of money with- which is automatically connected to the extension where your emotions are stored and fetches the appropriate" emotion(s). Still with me?

When you can see how your mind works you can take better care of it and at the same time take better control of what is going on in there.

Check to see what kind of storing units you have constructed. Maybe you need to demolish some of them? Perhaps you need to build new ones? You are the sole designer, the sole contractor and the sole builder- nothing gets put up or taken down without your consent.

Maybe it's time you took a good look around. Maybe today is the the day to start rebuilding.

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