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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Going Over the Fence

Do you cross over to "that" side? Do you take that final step over that fence? Your gut is telling you to go but you hesitate right at the crossing. Afraid of what awaits you. Afraid of the changes it may bring. Perhaps you are afraid of what others might think. Of how they might judge you... 

Yet you know it is the right thing to do, you cannot truly explain it- you just feel it.

It is a chance you must take. It takes all the courage you have inside of you to do it. You look around- there is no one else here. There is only you. You try to look as far as you can over that fence but there is only vast, open space. Beautifully quiet and serene- a part of you wants to run over and just keep running and see what awaits you. But as you let your mind take over you realize how easy it is to remain where you are and simply watch from a safe distance to wonder what there might be there, what it might be like.

You can ponder about possibilities as much as you wish from this safe place. You can remain here forever. The choice is yours. But it does not let that longing in your gut go away. It does not fade the urgency you can not truly explain. You just know that you have to cross over the fence.

You can hear your intuition tell you, do it! Just do it! But how can you do something you cannot explain or have justifications for?

Life isn't always about justifying our actions. We are not just mind and thought. We are emotion and instinctual beings and sometimes we have to find the courage to simply "do it" without needing to justify or explain it.

I'm going for it! I'm taking a deep breath and I am going over the fence! I'm not going to stay in my comfort zone and wonder for I know I will regret that more. Here I go!

How about you? Are you going to over your fence?

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